ChatGen Installation Guide

How to install different features of ChatGen

Install ChatGen on your website
The easiest way to get ChatGen on your website is by installing the ChatGen javascript on your website’s backend code.   Get ChatGen on your website in 5 ...
Thu, 2 Jul, 2020 at 3:24 PM
ChatGen Installation on WordPress
Integrate your ChatGen bot with your WordPress website in 6 simple steps: (You need to have your own ChatGen account to follow the below steps. If you do...
Thu, 2 Jul, 2020 at 3:25 PM
Installing ChatGen with Google Tag Manager
GTM is used globally to track the tags used while marketing. Considering this, we are here to provide you with a detailed step by step description of how ...
Thu, 2 Jul, 2020 at 3:25 PM
Conversational Landing Pages on your own webpage
Conversational Landing pages (CLP) are mostly used with promotional campaigns where you click on a particular link and the CLP gets displayed on the new win...
Thu, 2 Jul, 2020 at 3:24 PM